Edexcel Exam Timetable Summer 2011,Edexcel Timetable January 2011

Below are some question and answer about the Edexcel Exam Timetable 2011. Timetable information for all GCSEs is available below.

I can't seem to find any anywhere on the edexcel website and I really need to know when my maths exams are. On the generic website (can't remember its name) it says C3 and C4 are 14th and 18th June respectively whereas my schools timetable 2011 says different. S2 is the same on both, 23rd May. Any help?

Follow these links to find Edexcel Exam Timetable 2011 for Summer and January 2011, available as printable PDF documents, for:

Also Edexcel June 2011 Exam Timetable is changed and notice for that change is available online.

The QCDA has recently approved a change to the duration of GCE Biology unit 6BI05.
The duration of this unit has changed from 1 hour 30 minutes to 1 hour 45 minutes. This change becomes effective from the January 2011 examination series.

GCE June 2011 green, printed version of the exam timetable.
In the green, printed version of the GCE June 2011 Final Timetable, the paper listing for AEA Mathematics shows the session as being the morning.
The correct session should be p.m. (as indicated in the week-by-week view of the timetable, and on the printable version of the timetable).

Edexcel Exam Timetable January 2011 (PDF)
Edexcel Exam Timetable Summer 2011 (PDF)
January 2011 - GCSE Final Timetable (Printable Version)
Edexcel June 2011 - GCSE Final Timetable (Printable Version)
Edexcel GCSE Final Timetable June 2011
Edexcel January 2011 - GCSE Final Timetable

Alternatively, you can visit the Examinations Timetable 2011, which shows the dates for the exams provided by the UK awarding bodies.

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