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NDA 2 answer key 2011 has been announced. In this portal we are going to provide you all information of NDA 2 Solution, answer key or answer sheet from where you can download NDA 2 answer key 2011, Solution and how you can ger all answer of NDA 2 Examination.
Answer key update on NDA 2 2011 Sept. 29, 2011: Answer key of NDA 2 is be published by Sprring Board Academy. These are answers NDA 2 2011 GK and other optional subjects like History, Geography, Sociology, Commerce etc. If you know of any other source then please let us know so that other candidates of NDA 2 2011 exam can also check their answer sheet.

UPDATE: Following subjects answer key, Answer Sheet and Solution of NDA 2 for Year 2011 has been released.
Fill in the blanks:
1. Your present statement does not__-what you said last week.
ans: (a) Accord to
2. a. Notion
3. c. remorse
4. c. Violence
5. c. Grim
6. b. Content with
7. D. Disgrace to
8. B. Dull in.
9. B. Alive to.
10. D. Bad at.
Direction: 11-16. Synonyms
11. vivid
ans: Clear
12. Deplored
Ans: regretted
13. Frugal
Ans: Reckless
14. Engrossed
Ans: Absorbed
15. Vindictive
Ans: Revengeful
16. Pragmatic
Ans: Practical
direction: 17-22. Rearranging the sentences:
17. At the door;
18. By bandits:
Ans: B. RPSQ
19. OUR finest contemporary achievement
ans: C. RPQS.
20. It seemed to me:
Ans: d. QPSR
21. A series of shocks
22. In this world:
Ans: c. RQPS
23-32. Spotting the errors:
23. Let us congratulate him
Ans: B. on his success
24. Many people prefer to travel
Ans: B. By road.
25. She was beside herself in joy:
Ans: A. beside her
26. Mother tongue
Ans: d. No error.
27. The prime minister as well his secretary...
Ans: A. was expected
28. The speaker was
Ans: C. as well is not needed with but also.
29. The crowd surge forward
Ans: D. No error.
30. There is a distinct possibility.
Ans: D. No error.
31. Many a star:
Ans: b. is.
32. We discussed the problem.
Ans: C.
Passage 1: The old man with steal rimmed spectacle...
33. The term pontoon bridge means?
Ans: D. The bridge made with wooden planks
34. D. there was a steep elevation.
35. C. it was a steep uphill journey.
36. A. The writer wants to compare between the bridge and
motionless old man.
Passage 2: When vegetation spurts in desert...
37. What can be considered a good sign in desert...
Ans: D. When there is vegetation found in desert.
38. B. It will cause huge floods which will destroy coastal regions.
39. D. of rising temperatures.
40. C. To make us aware of the dangers of global warming.
Passage 3: It was a very cold evening..
41. C. To go out in the evening.
42. C. liked to read.
43. C. he was feeling very cold.
44. B. it was a cold evening.
45-50: Antonyms:
45. Absurd:
ans: C. sensible.
ANS: B. Considered.
ANS: C. Active.
48. Rudely.
Ans: C. Politely.
49. Hazardous
Ans: D. Safe.
50. Enrich.
Ans: A. Impoverish

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