PTU Results 2009 at, Punjab Technical University Results 2009

PTU Results 2009 at
Punjab Technical University Results 2009

PTU - Punjab Technical University is one of the best Technical University of Punjab State. PTU offers many degree and diploma courses (B.E,ME). Few month PTU, Punjab Technical University, Jalandhar took the exam of 7th Semester Industrial Training 2009. Exam was taken by PTU in december 2008. Now PTU declared the Results of 7th sem Industrial Training 2009. you can find your PTU 2009 Results at website of PTU.

Click below to Goto the PTU Results 2009:


  1. when will declare the result of MBA(1st sem.) correspondence.

  2. when wii declare the result of btech 1st n 2nd sem

  3. when will declare the result of MBA(1st sem.)

  4. PTU Jalandhar Results 2009 Declared at

  5. when will u declare result of bba 1st sem............

  6. plz send me result bba 1st sem bba on my mail id plzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

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  8. PTU Results 2009 at

    PTU Results jalandhar, mohali, punjab
    PTU rseults

  9. PTU B.E/B.Tech Exam Date Sheet has been announced.

    3rd Semester :
    04/06/09 MORNING 3RD CS-203 Mathematics-III
    06/06/09 MORNING 3RD CS-203 Discrete Structures
    09/06/09 MORNING 3RD CS-201 Computer Architecture
    11/06/09 MORNING 3RD CS-205 Digital Circuits & Logic Design
    13/6/2009 MORNING 3RD CS-207 Data Structures & Programming Methodology
    17/6/2009 MORNING 3RD CS-209 Written & Oral Technical Communication
    19/6/2009 MORNING 3RD CS-211 Programming Languages
    22/6/2009 MORNING 3RD CS-252 Object Oriented Programming using C++

    4th Semester :
    09/05/09 MORNING 4TH CS-202 Operating System
    18/5/2009 MORNING 4TH CS-206 Data Communication
    20/5/2009 MORNING 4TH CS-208 Microprocessor & Assembly Language Programming
    23/5/2009 MORNING 4TH CS-210 Systems Programming
    26/5/2009 MORNING 4TH CS-204 Mathematics – III
    06/06/09 MORNING 4TH CS-204 Discrete Structures

    5th Semester :
    04/06/09 EVENING 5TH CS-305 DBMS
    06/06/09 EVENING 5TH CS-301 System Analysis and Design
    09/06/09 EVENING 5TH CS-303 Computer Networks
    11/06/09 EVENING 5TH CS-307 Design and Analysis of Algorithms
    13/6/2009 EVENING 5TH CS-309 Computer Graphics
    17/6/2009 EVENING 5TH CS-311 Computer Peripherals and Interfaces

    6th Semester :
    09/05/09 EVENING 6TH CS-306 Asynchronous Transfer Mode
    18/5/2009 EVENING 6TH CS-308 Software Engineering
    20/5/2009 EVENING 6TH CS-324 Real Time Systems
    23/5/2009 EVENING 6TH CS-326 Operation Research
    26/5/2009 EVENING 6TH CS-328 Language Processor
    28/5/2009 EVENING 6TH CS-330 Natural Language Processing
    30/5/2009 EVENING 6TH CS-302 Relational Database Management System-II
    08/06/09 EVENING 6TH HU-251 Human Resource Management
    12/06/09 EVENING 6TH CS-304 Introduction to Business System
    15/6/2009 EVENING 6TH CH-304 Optimization Techniques

    7th & 8th Semester :
    08/05/09 EVENING 7TH & 8TH CS-402 Symbolic Logic & Logic Processing
    11/05/09 EVENING 7TH & 8TH CS-404 Formal Language & Automata Theory
    19/5/2009 EVENING 7TH & 8TH CS-408 Principles of Engineering .Ecomonics & Management Techniques
    21/5/2009 EVENING 7TH & 8TH CS-410 Organisational Structure
    21/5/2009 EVENING 7TH & 8TH CS-418 System Simulation and Modelling
    21/5/2009 EVENING 7TH & 8TH CS-420 Emerging Technologies and Current IT-
    25/5/2009 EVENING 7TH & 8TH CS-412 Graphical User Interface
    25/5/2009 EVENING 7TH & 8TH CS-424 Expert System
    25/5/2009 EVENING 7TH & 8TH CS-426 Image Processing & Pattern recognition
    05/06/09 EVENING 7TH & 8TH ME-251/2.5 Total Quality Management
    10/06/09 EVENING 7TH & 8TH CE-216 Environmental Sciences


  10. when will be declared the result of MBA(1st sem.)of ptu correspondence.

  11. plz send mca 5th sem timetable of aug-2009

  12. can u plz tell when the bba 6th sem result is going to declared on net

  13. kindly inform how can i enroll for scolarships if scoring high percentage and getting positions in top three in the college.wat is the procedure?whom should i contact.i don want to mis the opportunity.

  14. when the result of 4 sem comes on

  15. when will i get the result of 3rd sems of electronic trade

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  17. when i get the result of MBA 4th semester

  18. when i get the result of MBA 4th sem.

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  22. when will declare the result of MBA(1st sem.)?

  23. when will btech 6th sem result out?

  24. when will declare the result of BCA(3RD sem.)?

  25. when will u declare result of bba 1st sem............

  26. its riya and want to know that when will the result of mba 1 sem will be declare .

  27. when will u declare the results of btech

  28. plz send me result MBA 1st sem exam held on DEC-09, on my PH NO.09736139224 CHANDER KANT ,ROLL NO.95282239486, plzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

  29. when the result out of mba 2nd from ptu

  30. when will you out the hotel management result

  31. when will declare result 0f (4 sem)

  32. when the PTU correspondance BBA 4rth sem result will be out


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